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New luxurious wines – new stylish tasting room

New luxurious wines – new stylish tasting room

Glatz Wine Cellars in Aliquippa is looking better than ever!

Since I last reported on this family winery a year ago, they have expanded in every facet of the business. First, their produc-tion has doubled to 50,000 bottles a year under the watchful eye of winemaker and son, Aaron Glatz. Four new wines have debuted, each with the sparkle of their sig-nature gemstone, which graces the Glatz wine labels.

A patio has been created, designed with fashionable touch-es, to be almost like a small park. It is an inviting spot that

offers a peaceful sanctu-

ary to enjoy a glass of

wine and perhaps a bit of spring sunshine. Inside, the newly refurbished tasting room is very smart with a beautiful new bar and many seating areas that

feature handcrafted wooden furniture made from recycled

wine barrels. Each

set is individually crafted of American oak from California. Some have wine racks built in – all from polished woods – and are for purchase.

Guests that come to taste wines are invit-ed to bring in snacks or lunch to enjoy with the wines. Tastings are free and there are nine wines available to buy by the bottle.

Now onto the four new wines:

Vidal Blanc – a very fresh tasting, full-bodied white wine exhibiting citrus on the palate and a beautiful bouquet of rosemary. This was the favorite of the tasting; serve it with seafood or poultry, $12 per bottle.

Edelweiss – made in the traditional Pennsylvania-style, this wine is very fruit forward. You can really taste the intensity of the grape, which actually has a pear fla-vor and is very fragrant of the countryside. Serve it with shellfish or chocolate mousse, $14 per bottle.


Cabernet Franc – a spicy red wine with berries and liquorice on the nose with a nice toasty oak finish. I learned that the wine ferments in stainless steel vats and oak chips are added for a period of time
to enhance its passionate flavor. A truly elegant wine, serve it in a pretty wine glass with lamb or veal dishes, $14 per bottle.

Diamond – a delightful wine on the sweeter side exhibiting a caramel flavor. This wine will put a smile on your face and a sparkle in your eye as its namesake, the

diamond, is sure to be a girl’s best friend, especially when served chilled with dessert. $8 per bottle.

Glatz wines are very natural tasting and owners, Marlene and Tom Glatz say that there

about are approximately 30 percent less sulfites in their wines

over commercial lines. They feel that their win-ery is more than a busi-

ness – it is a lifestyle. They like to relax and enjoy their wines with family and friends and

they also enjoy learning about the people who purchase their wines. The Glatz own-ers say they feel that true wine pairing is a marriage of flavor and personality. Their recommendations are tailored to match the persona of each customer. And if there are
more than two kinds of people in this world, then Glatz most certainly has a wine for everyone.

Glatz Wine Cellars is located at 2699 Brodhead Road behind Glatz Jewelers in Aliquippa (just off the Aliquippa exit off Route 60). 724-375-7464. The tasting room is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mon-day through Wednesday; from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday; from 9a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday; and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Satur-day with ample free parking on the side of the building. The winery and patio are available for small gatherings and charity events.

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